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  Wastewater Treatment Plant

The complete range of ETP/STP is also manufactured by us, which covers equipments like.
Surface Aerators
Clarifiers & Clariflocutors Mechanism
Flash Mixer / Agitators
Mild Steel Settling Tanks With Mixer Agitators    

 Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Industrial wastewater contains a diversity of impurities and there fore for this reason alone, its treatment constitutes a special task. Furthermore, the emission limits for industrial effluent are constantly being tightened up. Closed circuits and product recovery in various production processes are becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing companies. These measures represent an additional contribution to the protection of aquatic eco-systems and possess great cost-cutting potential.

RW can refer to long-term experience in the industrial wastewater water treatment sector. The resulting expertise is advantageously employed for the technical and economic optimisation of every subsequent facility. The treatment may contain mechanical, biological, chemical physical process steps.

In the case of biological, anaerobic wastewater treatment we employ conventional processes and and space-saving, high-performance reactors. We have completed a large number of large-scale plants on the basis of the world's most frequently used USAB process. Other systems are also utilized in accordance with the characteristics of the wastewater, e.g. the activated sludge process of our high-performance BIOPUR system for less polluted water. In the case of maximum cleaning requirements (e.g. water reuse) we employ membrane processes with submerged or external membranes. The advantages are considerable savings of liquid resources and practically zero discharge of wastewater.

Following processes are used
* Aerobic biological processes * Anaerobic biological * Chemical-physical processes

RAVEENA WATERTECH has realised effluent treatment concepts in the widest variety of industrial branches including aerobic and anaerobic/aerobic systems fort he food processing, membrane bioreactor systems for the chemical industry and wastewater reuse schemes for diverse branches.
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